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Online School Grand Re-opening!


iQ Abacus is proudly to present you two other forms of receiving our high-quality, unique Singbacus Math program without leaving your home: Videos on Demand (VOD) and Online Real-Time zoom classes (ZOOM)!

Singbacus is a hybrid word of "Abacus" and "Singapore Math".

All VOD lessons are offered at the website at Currently the "Abacus Math for Beginners" and "Singapore Math 2A" are available for subscription. We will add more math classes of various levels soon.

All Zoom classes can be inquired at Currently we offer classes from Singapore Math 3A to 6B, algebra, and geometry at specific schedules.

Sarah Zhao and other iQ Abacus alumini are admitted to top-notch schools


Just to name a few --
Javen H., a 9-year iQ Abacus student and once a junior teacher, is admitted to Georgia Tech. Institute.
Matthew W., a 7-year iQ Abacus student and once a junior teacher, is admitted to Duke University.
Ankith C., a 9-year iQ Abacus student, is admitted to University of Chicago.
Sarah Z., a 8-year student of iQ Abacus and once a junior teacher, is admitted to Mass. Inst. of Tech.

Students received exceptional scores from Standardize Tests


AzMERIT (Arizona’s Measurement of Educational Readiness to Inform Teaching) is Arizona’s statewide achievement test since November 2014.

Every school year, more than half of the iQ Abacus students received exceptional scores (90% and above) from the math test. Some of them got 100% in AzMERIT!

1st place in 2017 Arizona MATHCOUNTS


Vivek Chalasani joined iQ Abacus when he was 4. He won the 1st place in 2017 Arizona state MATHCOUNTS.


Super Human, Javen Ho, is an alumni of iQ Abacus


We asked for volunteers to try out the "Counting Bee" challenge during the 2015 Speedy Math Competition event. Both the 2-digit starting and counting numbers were randomly dawned by an audience. Javen Ho finished adding 20 times correctly in 20 seconds. Without prior preparation and practice, this is an amazing first attempt!


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