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Beneficiary of the abacus math

As a beneficiary of the abacus math herself, Ms. Rueyin Chiou, the founder, wanted to transfer the benefit to her son when he was in a preschool. Ms. Chiou's professional background and her strong desire in educating her son formulated the deep understanding of needs from most other parents and the potential of the abacus math education. When she was teaching abacus, she already foresaw one major concern that was gradually emerging. That is, students need guidance in utilizing the mental math talent at schools and in real lives. Otherwise, it's only a talent show.

Abacus + Singapore Math = Superior “Singbacus” Program

“Singapore Math” is known by its design for encouraging logical thinking and problem solving. It has been evaluated as the World’s #1 math curriculum. Singapore Math can be a stand-alone math program for those who are 3rd grade and older and already possess clear number sense and calculation skills. To achieve the optimum math performance, however, the essence of Singapore Math is best absorbed by those who are fluent in mental math. Here are just selective features of our one of a kind Singbacus Math program. • Unique and easy-to-follow instruction for each topic of Singapore Math • Totally personal pace: students can have their own schedule to watch the recorded videos • Encouraged to participate in national or world scale math competitions • Tailored to students’ progress by adjusting grade levels anytime when needed.

Math = Calculation + Thinking

In order to solve a math question, one needs to put together operations, formula, or equations first. Then calculation skill comes to play to give out an answer. Normally it takes a few equations before getting the final answer. If a person's calculation is quick and accurate, the less pausing in calculation helps much for the logical thinking flow to continue smoothly. Therefore, a good calculation skill is a prerequisite of doing good in math. But the talented mental math minds need guidance for them to know how to use it.

Math is fun!

Our lessons are efficient. It means that with the same amount of time, students are prone to learn more. With that being said, we still include some songs and games in the lessons. The way that the instructors teach is cheerful. So the classes are informative yet fun to listen and follow! The two free videos should provide the idea on what we meant in the above.


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