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1. What is "abacus" 20200415-1

Abacus is the oldest computer surviving more than 2,000 years. Until now, abacus remains a favorite math tool in the digital age. The unplugged (non-electrical) bead-based calculator is prosperous as a complement of modern computer and is now widely recognized as a mean for effective math learning and mental development in early childhood.

2. What is "abacus math"?

The "abacus math" is an arithmetic method based on the principles of abacus calculation.

3. What is "abacus mental math"?

After one is working on an abacus for a while, a virtual picture of the abacus is formed in mind. One can use the ?virtual abacus? to perform calculations. It is not unusual for a person to handle a series of 5 or more digits numbers in +, -, x, or / operations at highly accelerated speed using the abacus mental math method.

4. Why are you so emphatic in getting young children to learn abacus?

It has been discovered that human intelligence is largely determined by external environment, not just set by the genes. Everyone was born with an immature brain and has a long childhood for brain development. By the age of 10, the human brain can be 99% developed. Everyone has a chance to maximize the intelligence as long as the right learning experience was supplied during the prime times of the brain development. Remember, timing is crucial! Once the prime times have passed, opportunities for forging certain types of neural pathways appear to diminish substantially.

According to H. Gardner, "Intelligence refers to the human ability to solve problems or to make something that is valued in one or more cultures." Abacus math establishes a clear logic concept of numbering for small children. The abacus mental picture training will increase memory power and sharpen mental formation for a child. The speed training enables the child to gain better reflexes. In addition, the speed hearing training encourages the child to give full attention to study by listening more attentively and effectively. Using an abacus requires coordination of the main nerves of a human body for eyes, ears, and fingers. Constant practicing on an abacus provides stimulations that is social responsive and intellectually congruent for growth of brain cells. Studies of brain have learned that the longer the exposure to the right kind of stimulations, the more the brain grows. The outcome for the abacus math program is brighter kids.


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