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Online School Grand Re-opening!



Online School Grand Re-opening!

iQ Abacus is proudly to present you two other forms of receiving our high-quality, unique Singbacus Math program without leaving your home: Videos on Demand (VOD) and Online Real-Time zoom classes (ZOOM)!

Singbacus is a hybrid word of "Abacus" and "Singapore Math".

All VOD lessons are offered at the website at Currently the "Abacus Math for Beginners" and "Singapore Math 2A" are available for subscription. We will add more math classes of various levels soon.

All Zoom classes can be inquired at Currently we offer classes from Singapore Math 3A to 6B, algebra, and geometry at specific schedules.

Videos on Demand (this website)

Videos on Demand (this website)

Currently we open subscription for people to learn "Abacus Math for Beginners" and "second grade math based on Singapore Math". We are constantly updating and uploading new videos. More lessons will be ready to offer from time to time. Please stay tuned.

The VOD lessons allow students to learn at their personal pace and time economically. Take the Abacus Math for Beginners course for example, it consists of a total of 21 lessons which were completed in nearly 6 months at the in-person classes which met once a week. That was a total of $720. Now your subscription will not expire until 120 days later. During the 120 days period, you will have access to all classes and homework/tests for this course.

VOD also includes online homework or tests for students to take after watching the videos. Performance Reports will be sent out weekly to keep parents informed on the scores and progress made by the students.

Online Real-Time Zoom Classes (iQA Tempe button)

Online Real-Time Zoom Classes (iQA Tempe button)

We also offer classes that can interact with teachers and peer classmates in real-time via zoom connection. Please visit for details. To register the Zoom classes, please fill out the form at

To attend the zoom classes, one needs to go online at a specific time to join the class. Each session is 80 minutes. Normally the class meets once a week.


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