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Harold Jacobs’s Geometry created a revolution in the approach to teaching this subject, one that gave rise to many ideas now seen in the NCTM Standards. Since its publication nearly one million students have used this legendary text. The class uses innovative discussions, cartoons, anecdotes, examples, and exercises that unfailingly capture and hold student interest.


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Lesson 12.1. CIRCLES: Circles, Radii, and Chords; 12.2. CIRCLES: Tangents

Lesson 12.3. CIRCLES: Central Angles and Arcs; 12.4. CIRCLES: Inscribed Angles

Lesson 12.5. CIRCLES: Secant Angles

Lesson 12.6. CIRCLES: Tangent Segments and Intersecting Chords

Lesson 13.1. THE CONCURRENCE THEOREMS: Triangles and Circles

Lesson 13.2. THE CONCURRENCE THEOREMS: Cyclic Quadrilaterals

Lesson 13.3. THE CONCURRENCE THEOREMS: Incircles

Lesson 13.4. THE CONCURRENCE THEOREMS: Centroid of a Triangle


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