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2021 Mathlete Summer Camp


2021 Mathlete Summer Camp

2021 Mathlete Summer Camp

When School is Out, CAMP IS IN!

School math curriculum (for example, Singapore Math) helps students establish solid foundations from one topic to another. Students learned math by arrangement. It's a passive way to learn math.

When students are immersing into competition math questions, they have to search and determine the proper math skills to solve. This is a pro-active way to learn math.

Many students are afraid of being in a competition or an exam because they are used to follow teacher to solve questions of a specific topic. We are here to pacify their fear and build up the confidence! In the Mathlete camp, they will be properly guided and inspired. So their thinking skill will be activated to find solutions in a more pro-active way. In the mathlete summer camp, students will be in touch with higher level thinking problems that are dynamic, "untraditional", and "outside of the box".

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