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2021 Fall: Singapore Math 5B: Friday 5:10 ~ 6:10 PM

The tuition is $110 per month or $465 for a semester (16 lessons). If you missed the open enrollment in December for spring term and July for fall term, you can subscribe the course by month. The meeting is normally once a week. Sometimes there is no class due to national holidays or prescheduled break. The tuition fee is the same every month regardless the number of classes in a month. The tuition needs to be received before 1st day of each month. The subscription includes access to the zoom meetings and selective online tests.

The topics that will be covered in this textbook include the followings:

Chapter 1 Decimals
1 Approximation and Estimation
2 Multiplication by Tens, Hundreds or Thousands
3 Division by Tens, Hundreds or Thousands
4 Multiplying by a 2-digit Whole Number
5 Conversion of Measurements

Chapter 2 Percentage
1 Percentage
2 Writing Fractions as Percentages
3 Percentage of a Quantity

Chapter 3 Average
1 Average

Chapter 4 Rate
1 Rate

Chapter 5 Graphs
1 Line Graphs

Chapter 6 Triangles
1 Sum of Angles of a Triangle
2 Isosceles and Equilateral Triangles
3 Drawing Triangles

Chapter 7 4-sided Figures
1 Parallelograms, Rhombuses and Trapezoids
2 Drawing Parallelograms and Rhombuses

Chapter 8 Tessellations
1 Tiling Patterns

Chapter 9 Volume
1 Cubes and Cuboids
2 Finding the Volume of a Solid


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