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It's time to PARTY!!


Join us tomorrow, Wednesday the 18th, from 8 to 9:20 PM, to play MM Go and hangout via Zoom! The tournament is the school stage so please prepare 5 gold leaves for each game, a total of 15 gold leaves for all 3 games. We will battle at the US Mental Math Federation site.
to RSVP, please use the form below:

Teaching Assistant Team


This is our stellar TEACHING ASSISTANT TEAM. They are young yet skillful in mental math. Most importantly, they are highly passionate in giving help!
We see leaders of tomorrow in this team. They are holding the torch of mental math education. It illuminates the path for current students to follow and will relay so benefits will be given forward. Meanwhile, all the volunteer hours are eligible for counting toward to the President's Volunteer Service Award.


Dress up to the class between 10/28 and 11/3 to participate in the COSTUME CONTEST!

Join the Teaching Assistant team to receive Presidential Volunteer Service Awards!


The President’s Volunteer Service Award is an opportunity to honor the most outstanding volunteers and recognize the impact they make. The US Mental Math Federation (USMMF) has been granted authority since October 2020 to give out the Presidential Volunteer Service Awards (PVSA) to volunteers.

As a member organization of the USMMF, iQ Abacus will submit the hours rendered by volunteering services to USMMF, the authorized agency of giving out the Presidential Volunteer Service Awards. Now we are offering a few eligible service opportunities! We are providing several Teaching Assistant (TA) positions to award PVSA. Members who are proficient in the following levels are encouraged to apply.
- Abacus +/-: Level 3 and harder
- Abacus Multiplication: Level 6 and harder
- Abacus Division: Level 6 and harder
- Mental +/-: Level 3 and harder on Boot Camp of MM Go
- Mental Multiplication: Level 4 and harder on Boot Camp of MM Go
- Mental Division: Level 4 and harder on Boot Camp of MM Go

Before the TAs can start the services, iQ Abacus will provide trainings to ensure the appropriate services are rendered. The trainings will cover but are not limited to the following areas
- Abacus math clarification and teaching skill
- Mental math clarification and teaching skill
- Classroom management via Zoom
- MM Go tutorial

To apply for a TA position @ iQ Abacus,
Use the online application by end of October 31, 2020.

iQ Abacus students won top places in MM Go World Championship 2020!!


Extra, extra! iQ Abacus students/alumni did exceptionally well and claimed a few thrones in the MM Go World Championship 2020 on 8/29! To summarize, here are what they earned:
Group A. Kaniesha Manivannan: 1st Addition/Subtraction; 1st Multiplication. Total case prize: $1000
Group B. Charan Boyapaty: 1st Addition/Subtraction; 3rd Multiplication; 2nd Division. Total cash prize: $800
Group B. Dhruv Penumalla: 3rd Addition/Subtraction; 2nd Multiplication; 3rd Division. Total cash prize: $400
Group C. Aydin Chellam Daniel: 3rd Addition/Subtraction; 3rd Multiplication; 3rd Division. Total cash prize: $300
Group D. Javen Ho: 3rd Addition/Subtraction; 3rd Multiplication. Total cash prize: $200
If you missed the live event, you still can catch up the exciting moments from the archived video:


World Championship 2020 Special Report: Meet the Finalists! (part iii)


Applaud for Aadhav Sivakumar, Dhruv Penumalla, Aydin Daniel, Ojas Guttal, and the "SuperHuman" Javen Ho!

They made it! There are 27 finalists from 4 countries in the MM Go World Championship 2020. And 8 are from iQ Abacus! These warriors have been battling from local, state, national scales, eventually are qualified for the world championship of 8/29!
They are bound to win cash prizes ranging from $100 to $1500! Do not miss the exciting tournament at 7 PM on Saturday, 8/29! Tune in to watch their exceptional performance in real-time!


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