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4A: 4th grade part 1 of 2

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The topics that will be covered in this textbook include the followings:

Chapter 1 Whole Number
1 Numbers to 100,000
2 Rounding Off Numbers
3 Factors, Common Factors, Greatest Common Factor (GCF)
Rules of Divisibility
4 Multiples, Common Multiples, Least Common Multiple (LCM)
GCF and LCM: bus method
Prime and Composite Numbers

Chapter 2 Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers
1 Multiplication by a 1-digit number
1 Division by a 1-digit a Number and by 10
2 Multiplication by a 2-digit Number

Chapter 3 Fractions
1 Adding Fractions
2 Subtracting Fractions
3 Mixed Numbers
4 Improper Fractions
5 Fraction of a Set

Chapter 4 Tables and Graphs
1 Presenting Data

Chapter 5 Angles
1 Measuring Angles

Chapter 6 Perpendicular and Parallel Lines
1 Perpendicular Lines
2 Parallel Lines

Chapter 7 Area and Perimeter
1 Rectangles and Squares
2 Composite Figures


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Lesson 1.3. Whole Numbers: Factors, Common Factors, Greatest Common Factor (GCF)

Lesson 1.4. Whole Numbers: Multiples, Common Multiples, Least Common Multiple (LCM)

Lesson 3.4. Fractions: Improper Fractions

Lesson 3.5. Fractions: Fraction of a Set

Lesson 5.1. Angles: Measuring Angles


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