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The topics that will be covered in this textbook include the followings:

Chapter 1 Mental Calculation
1 Addition
2 Subtraction
3 Multiplication
4 Division

Chapter 2 Length
1 Meters (m) and Centimeters (cm)
2 Kilometers (km)
3 Yards (yd), Feet (ft), and Inches (in)
4 Miles (mi)

Chapter 3 Weight
1 Kilograms (kg) and Grams (g)
2 More Word Problems
3 Pounds (lb) and Ounces (oz)

Chapter 4 Capacity
1 Liters (L) and Milliliters (mL)
2 Gallons (gal), Quarts (qt), Pints (pt), and Cups (c)

Chapter 5 Graphs
1 Bar Graphs

Chapter 6 Fractions
1 Fraction of a Whole
2 Equivalent Fractions

Chapter 7 Time
1 Hours and Minutes
2 Other Units of Time

Chapter 8 Geometry
1 Angles
2 Right Angles

Chapter 9 Area and Perimeter
1 Area
2 Perimeter
3 Area of a Rectangle


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Lesson 8.1, 8.2, 9.1

Lesson 8.1. Geometry: Angles Lesson 8.2. Geometry: Right Angles Lesson 9.1. Area and Perimeter: Area


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