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Singapore Math 3A: Saturday 10:30 ~ 11:30 AM

The tuition for a semester is $400. If you missed the open enrollment in December for spring term and July for fall term, you can subscribe the course by month. The meeting is normally once a week. Sometimes there is no class due to national holidays or prescheduled break. The tuition is $100 per month regardless number of classes in a month. The tuition needs to be received before 1st day of each month. The subscription includes access to the zoom meetings and selective online tests for 3A.

The topics that will be covered in this textbook include the followings:

Chapter 1 Numbers to 10,000
1 Thousands, Hundreds, Tens and Ones
2 Number Patterns

Chapter 2 Addition and Subtraction
1 Sum and Difference

Week 1: 2 Adding Ones, Tens, Hundreds and Thousands
Week 2: 3 Subtracting Ones, Tens, Hundreds and Thousands
Week 3: 4 Two-step Word Problems

Chapter 3 Multiplication and Division
Week 4: 1 Looking Back
Week 5: 2 More Word Problems
Week 6: 3 Multiplying Ones, Tens and Hundreds: 2-digit times 1-digit questions; 3-digit times 1-digit questions
Week 7: 4 Quotient and Remainder
Week 8: 5 Dividing Hundreds, Tens and Ones (Long Division)

Chapter 4 Multiplication Tables of 6, 7, 8 and 9
Week 9: 1 Looking Back
Week 10: 2 Multiplying and Dividing by 6
Week 11: 3 Multiplying and Dividing by 7
Week 12: 4 Multiplying and Dividing by 8
Week 13: 5 Multiplying and Dividing by 9

Chapter 5 Money
Week 14: 1 Dollars and Cents
Week 15: 2 Addition
Week 16: 3 Subtraction


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